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As a thought leader in the field of workforce development, Judi is an in-demand speaker, panel member and moderator. An engaging and energetic speaker, she combines big picture thinking with a results-driven attitude. Judi is a problem solver. Each presentation is customized to deliver strategies that provide actionable solutions to a variety of workforce development issues.


Creating Sustainable and Scalable Workforce Pipelines in Your Region: Building successful school-to-workforce pipelines is complex. Learn how to develop strategic partnerships with regional stakeholders to create workforce pipelines that are sustainable and scalable.

Three Building Blocks for Effective Workforce Pipeline Development: Learn how to create effective workforce pipeline programming that drives strong post-secondary outcomes for your students.

Career Exploration Reimagined: Inspiring High School Students to Take the Lead: The task of determining the next steps after high school can be daunting to many students. Learn steps career counselors and educators can take to move students from disengaged and discouraged, to informed, engaged and EMPOWERED as they determine post-graduation next steps.

Pilot Programs - A Critical Link to Sustainable and Scalable Workforce Pipelines: Learn how to create work-based learning opportunities that bridge the divide between employers seeking to recruit entry level talent and motivated high school students seeking post-graduation career pathway success.

Helping School Districts Identify Workforce Development Funding Sources: The Commonwealth has many career initiatives designed to present high school students with career options and access to high quality career pathways. Judi provides guidance on how schools can successfully access programs such as Innovation Pathways, YouthWorks, Connecting Activities and Early College.

Helping School Districts Build Effective Workforce Board Partnerships: Learn the 3 steps for creating successful partnerships with the workforce board in your region and tap into resources to build stronger post-secondary outcomes for your students.  


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