It’s Never Too Early (or Too Late) to Set Your Student on a Path to Success


What do you want to be when you grow up? What do you want to do after high school? Two questions along the spectrum of life that can bring up worries for many students. And their parents.

Helping your student or young adult determine their interests, goals and/or next steps after high school can be challenging. There is no "one size fits all" pathway. In fact, there can be many twists and turns along the way before someone finds the right fit for them.

Many career paths to success fly under the radar.

Careers in the construction industry fall into this category. Occupations related to the construction industry offer high earnings potential, career satisfaction and long-term career growth.

Today’s construction-related careers appeal to students with a wide range of interests.

Does your student or young adult enjoy History? Art? Design? Computers? Technology? Marketing? Business? Science? Math?

Would you describe them as someone who excels at project-based work? Is a "team player"? Enjoys taking on leadership roles? Likes working with their hands? Likes working with technology? Enjoys sports?

If YES, then having an awareness and knowledge of construction-related occupations and career pathways can HELP YOU HELP THEM to think "outside the box" about how to leverage their interests into successful and satisfying careers.


To increase awareness of the multiple career pathways and entry points available to young people in the construction, architecture, and engineering fields, Specialized Career Guidance has created an online course for parents.* The Parent Game Changer Course: Career Pathways for Construction, Engineering and Architecture is designed to show parents the steps that their middle school and high school students can take to gain entry to careers in the construction, architecture and engineering fields.**

* "Parents" is broadly used to refer to any caring adult in a student’s life helping them build their future

** This course, while geared to the parents of Middle and High School students, contains an enormous amount of information useful to young adults as well

The Parent Game Changer Course provides

  • An overview of careers in construction, architecture and engineering
  • Detailed information on construction-related career pathways
  • Examples of how students and young adults can access these career pathways
  • Detailed information on educational options that meet the needs of all kinds of learners, including
    • Apprenticeships
    • Certificate and technical programs
    • Associate and bachelor's degree programs
    • Work and Learn models
  • Resources for finding construction-related career pathways and opportunities in your student’s school, district and region
  • Steps students can take in Middle School and High School to gain practical experience in their area of interest
  • Ways to think strategically about pathways best suited to your student’s background, educational experiences, personality, skills and interests

Did you know…….

  • Students with diverse abilities, cultural backgrounds and work culture preferences can excel in construction-related career fields
  • 1/5 of those employed in construction-related careers work in management, business and financial operations occupations
  • Women account for 1.2 million of those employed in the construction industry (or about 1 in 10)

It’s never too early (or too late) to set your student on a path to success


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The Parent Game Changer Course:

Career Pathways for Construction, Engineering and Architecture
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