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Career Exploration: Mapping out the HOW

Jun 07, 2023
Career Exploration: Mapping out the HOW

As a workforce development consulting company, Specialized Career Guidance is dedicated to helping school districts improve post secondary outcomes for all students. A crucial aspect of this is career exploration, which involves exposing students to various industries and career options. However, simply showing students what's out there is not enough. They need to understand how to access those careers and what steps to take to prepare for them.

Table of Contents:

  • The Importance of the HOW in Career Exploration
  • Exploring the Vast Array of Educational Pathways
  • Making Invisible Pathways Visible
  • Moving Your District Forward
  • The Importance of the HOW in Career Exploration

Recently, a high school student shared his experience on a career exploration field trip. While the tour was informative, he was more interested in learning how to access careers in his preferred industry and what he could do now to prepare for them. In short, he wanted a map that laid out the HOW to get from Here to There.

This is a common sentiment among students, and it highlights the importance of providing clear guidance on how to pursue a desired career path. While exposure to different industries is essential, it can be meaningless if students don't know how to access the next steps or determine the right educational path.

Exploring the Vast Array of Educational Pathways

At Specialized Career Guidance, we believe in shining a light on the HOW to get from Here to There. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to career development, and we recommend students explore various educational and career pathways. Pursuing a four-year college degree is only one option, and it may not be the best fit for everyone.

We encourage students to consider multiple pathways to career success such as learn-and-earn programs, community college for industry credentials, technical training for certifications, and the A2B Mass Transfer program. These pathways offer viable next steps to many careers and they can be more cost-effective and time-efficient than a traditional four-year college program.

Mapping Out the HOW: Making Invisible Pathways Visible

By mapping out the HOW, invisible pathways become visible and the process of identifying next steps becomes clearer. This includes identifying the educational and skill-building requirements necessary to move forward, as well as potential obstacles to avoid. Having a clear path can significantly increase students’ chances of success in the job market. With a well-defined plan and the necessary skills and education, individuals can confidently pursue their dream careers and achieve their goals.

At Specialized Career Guidance, we collaborate with high school principals, CVTE directors, guidance counselors, and career counselors to establish post-secondary career pathways for students and workforce pipelines to employer partners. Our solutions are tailored to align with the specific industry priorities of local and regional communities.

Moving Your District Forward

Career exploration is a vital part of professional development, but it must be accompanied by clear guidance on how to access desired careers. At Specialized Career Guidance, we understand the importance of mapping out the HOW, and we are committed to helping educators and education administrators provide their students with this level of career guidance.

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