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AccuRounds and Flexo Concepts

Feb 24, 2021
AccuRounds and Flexo Concepts

What do Michael Tamasi, President & CEO of AccuRounds, and Greg Howell, President of Flexo Concepts, have in common? They are leaders in the Manufacturing Industry who recognize the value of clearly defining their companies’ workforce culture. This not only encourages a collaborative work environment among employees but furthers success in recruitment and retention of exceptional talent. By clearly defining their companies’ mission, vision and core values, innovative leaders such as Michael and Greg are attracting job seekers to an industry that overall, is experiencing a critical shortage of labor.

As my quest to understand the manufacturing industry continues, I am focused on learning why a career in manufacturing is one that young people entering today’s workforce should consider. I have sat on the South Shore Manufacturing Advisory Board for nearly two years and understand the importance of creating career pathways. Less clear to me has been whether the industry currently meets the needs of young job seekers.

All that changed after having conversations and tours with leadership at AccuRounds and Flexo Concepts. The shared theme woven into these interactions is an unparalleled enthusiasm for, knowledge of, and time dedicated to, building collaborative teams, and providing employees with the tools for professional and personal success.

I have learned that both Michael and Greg value, encourage, and implement changes based on employee feedback. They take pride in maintaining a clean, well lit, professional manufacturing plant, where not only are core values literally painted on the walls throughout their organizations, but employees also put them into practice every day. What truly sets them apart is the generosity of time and expertise they provide in helping young people in the industry succeed.

In my opinion, education – in the form of on-the-job trainings, certification, and degree programs –is an important metric when evaluating whether a company truly supports career growth for its’ employees. Both AccuRounds and Flexo Concepts are committed to providing on the job training and tuition reimbursement in areas that support career development. They understand that a motivated, dedicated young person with solid communication skills will not only succeed, but thrive professionally in an environment that takes a holistic approach to supporting their growth.

Utilizing work culture as a differentiator is the key to attracting exceptional talent to the Manufacturing industry. The question is, how do we help our young people understand the value of working at companies with thought leaders such as Michael and Greg? People do not want to be told, particularly young people. They must be shown. An integrated approach utilizing government funding and programming through our workforce boards, development of apprenticeship programs, college credentialing programs, employer partnerships and all high schools – vocational, public, private and charter- is needed. Collaboration, education, and connection will enable employers to meet production needs, young people to find financially lucrative and satisfying careers, and the Manufacturing industry to flourish.

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