Igniting Career Passion – Creating Pathways to Success

Igniting Career Passion – Creating Pathways to Success

How Do We Help?

Specialized Career Guidance LLC is an innovative workforce development company that provides practical career direction to high school students and recent graduates interested in craft trades and college programs for the construction, engineering and architecture fields.

We work closely with the Massachusetts construction industry, high schools and educational institutions, colleges and universities to provide students with hands-on exposure and preparation for careers in the construction industry.

Our comprehensive programs offer students the opportunity to apply for pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs, graduate with full-time employment, a college study plan, or both, and a career path.

SCG is excited to be working with Build Your Future!  Please check out the many career options available in the construction industry today.

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Dr. Gary Maestas

Plymouth Public Schools


The vision of creating a pathway for prospective trade professionals to shape their destiny in their desired field is a necessary cog in the success wheel. Judi Vigna from Specialized Career Guidance, has developed a model that can assist the construction industry and prospective employees to become aligned to address the shortage of candidates for construction jobs in Massachusetts and beyond. Judi is a staunch advocate for creating opportunities that will assist our future construction workforce. The Plymouth Public Schools are committed to partnering with Judi and Specialized Career Guidance to introduce career education opportunities to potential trade professionals.


There are 118,000 projected jobs for skilled tradespeople by 2021 in Massachusetts.

The average tradesperson is 57 years old and retiring soon.

You can start your career in high school in one of the 14 construction, engineering or drafting vocational technical programs.

Women in Construction make 95.7% on average of what men make (The average for women is 81.1%)